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Science Fiction or Undiscovered Fact: Worlds That Exist Beyond Our Lives. . .

When you look up at the sky do you ever wonder what’s out there?  What lies beyond our galaxy?  How many other civilisations exist waiting to be discovered, explored, learned from?

Like great explorers science fiction authors take you, the reader, to these new worlds.  To societies that are unlike what you see and feel and hear in your day-to-day lives.

Imagine How Your Life Would Be If The Human Race Had Taken A Few Different Turns. . .

Would you be one of the chosen few and become a Warrior, following the Warrior Code?  Perhaps you’d be born a Mutoid doomed to be outcast from society.  Or maybe you’d be trained in the Art Of Diplomacy using all your diplomatic skills to negotiate a peace treaty.  On the other hand if you were born a Ma’ji how would you wield the power of Magic?  For the good of your people?  Or for evil?

Science fiction writers give you alternatives to the ‘reality’ you currently experience.  Incidentally, the possibilities are endless!

To discover these worlds all you need is to open up a sci-fi book, take a deep breath and step into a new universe. . .

As a result you’ll become the keeper of the story – the one who is filled with the desire and need to follow through the adventure.  More importantly, you’ll live to tell the tale.  And you’ll be ready for the next adventure!

Bring it on. . .



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