Both Credos and Nor’la have specialised Warrior Classes.  At seven summers-old the Novice warriors are chosen and sent to be trained by Master Warriors. 

Here they learn the Warrior Code.  These specific codes of conduct – or ethical codes - are taught in order to ensure that the Warrior Class is not corrupted.  Additionally, these codes are used to prevent Warriors from becoming a danger to the rest of society.  In other words to stop them inflicting harm on those that are unable to defend themselves

After seven summers of training each Warrior must face The Rite of Ascension - alone.  If they pass this test then they begin training as an Apprentice Warrior.  Failure either means death or exile to an outer colony mine.

Once they have completed their apprenticeship a Warrior may choose to become an Assassin or Keeper.  Both require further skills training.

At seven Mis'ka was sent to the High Keep where Warriors have been trained for generations.


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