The Rite of Ascension

At 14 summers-of-age all Novices are sent to do their Rite of Ascension.  This involves an examination that tests the novice’s knowledge of the subjects they have studied in their particular field of training.

A Novice Warrior will spend seven days and nights in harsh conditions – in Mis’ka’s case on the barren moon-planet Asner Major.  With little food and water the Novice fights off attackers and overcomes challenges presented to him or her.  Some do not live through the ordeal.  Others will forfeit which means that he or she will be sent to an off world colony to work in the mines.  It has been said that death is preferable to this fate.

A Novice Diplomat must pit his or her skills against a Master Diplomat – engaging in lengthy discussions that must be resolved to the satisfaction of a board of examiners.  This can take many days, even weeks to thrash out.  The Novice must continue to present an argument regardless of how tired he or she is.  This is to reflect a real-life situation.  Many fail and are sent to outer world colonies to work as government officials.

A Ma’ji is also tested but as the Ma’ji Guild is secret it is unknown how this is done.

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