Mis'ka (pronounced Mish-cah), is from the village Hatia (Hah-tee-ah).  Her village is a noted centre of weaving and crafts.  Her mother Laurinna is a Master Weaver who trains apprentice weavers.

Mis’ka never displayed an interest in weaving instead she held the steadfast belief that she was destined to be a Warrior.  As such, when she was told her field of training would be to become a Warrior, Mis’ka was unsurprised.  In fact, she was excited by the prospect of learning this ancient art.

When her father Morven was listed as killed-in-action during the Marglyn Offensive she took her mother's name.  This means that during formal introductions she is Mis’ka, Daughter of Laurinna.

Mis’ka has all the qualities of a great Warrior but knows that she still has much to learn
.  She is brave, compassionate and has a wry sense of humour - often directed at herself.


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