Mis'ka - Rite of Ascension

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In the moment before she lost consciousness she realised that only a Ma’ji could do this to another living creature.  Only a Ma’ji whose powers were strong. . .

The war between Credos and Nor’la has raged for generations.  Warriors and soldiers, weapons and Magic all play their part in the struggle.

Novice Warrior Mis’ka owes her loyalty to the Warrior Code and to the Credos High Council.  Passing her Rite of Ascension will secure her rightful place in the battle for victory.  Mis’ka expects this test to be hard.  In fact, she’s heard rumours at the Academy that many novices do not live through it.  Nevertheless she is prepared.  Or is she?

Left alone on the moon-planet Asner Major, she finds a lone survivor who is being pursued by pirates and a mighty Wizard.  Should Mis’ka help the mysterious survivor and jeopardise her chances of taking the test?  And, can Mis’ka defeat the Magic of the powerful Ma’ji?

Or, is this part of the test itself - to defend herself, protect the survivor, and elude his would be kidnappers?  Mis’ka soon realises that there is more at stake here than a Warrior test.  Not only has she uncovered a plot that will change the course of her world, she has been drawn into an irreversible fight to the death…  back


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