. . . one who uses charms, spells or rituals to produce supernatural effects

The Novice Ma’ji will have displayed the ability to Magic at a very early age.  It is so rare that few are taken for further training.  It is believed that Mutoids cannot possess this power.

The magician is often called a wizard but the correct term is Ma’ji.  This is an ancient art that few master.  The art of ‘casting’ requires great concentration as well as an ability to speak the ancient Rune language.  Based on Rune Symbols it takes many years to speak the language fluently.  However, there are a few exceptions – Gabel has never been taught Rune yet he can cast magic using ancient spells.

The only way to remove a Ma’ji’s power is to cast a binding spell.  Only the greatest Ma’ji masters can do this and only when they number more than three.  They must have the permission of the Ma’ji Guild Elders to perform this dangerous ancient ritual.


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