Both Nor’la and Credos societies have a ‘class’ system.  Each class has specialised training.

At seven summers-old a selection process occurs to decide who will be taken for specialised training.  Many things are taken into consideration including:

  1. A child’s intelligence and learning level
  2. The family background
  3. The child’s temperament
  4. Any special qualities such as an ability to perform Magic
  5. A strong desire within the child to train in a particular field

The child is then taken from the family home and sent to the training facility to begin life as a Novice.  After seven summers he or she is sent to do the Rite of Ascension.  After successfully completing this test he or she is then placed with a Master within their field and spend a further seven summers as apprentices.  Only then, when they have reached 21 summers, will they be regarded as fully trained.

It is important to note that each field of training has a Guild.  What’s more, these Guilds all have codes of ethics that must be followed by each member.  Breaking the code results in banishment to an outer world colony – or worse. . .

The fields of training are:

Warrior – one of the areas where few are chosen

Diplomat – this is a specialised field where often members of the Novice’s family have been or still are Diplomats

Ma’ji – the Novice will have displayed the ability to Magic.  This is so rare that few are taken

Wallah – this is broken down into many areas of servant such as personal wallah, laundry wallah, kitchen wallah.

Doula – birth attendant or midwife

Healer- a medical physician.  Often use medi-drones to help attend a sick or injured patient.  However, many have an ability to diagnose and cure without this technological help

Technician – although steeped in tradition both Nor’la and Credos are highly technological and require skilled technicians to maintain and develop all their technological equipment

Engineer – used to design military equipment or space ships and shuttles.  Some also specialise in building and city design

Horticulture – generations of war has seen the depletion of vegetation on both worlds.  The horticulturalist is responsible for saving and maintaining the forests and gardens.  Their Guild is also in charge of terra-forming outer planets

Military personal – both worlds have a strong military presence.

Ø  Grunt soldiers are trained in a more general way than Warriors but they are still expected to be educated.  Generally chosen from the lower classes of both Nor’la and Credos society.  Unfortunately if they do not complete or fail their training they are cast out – often being sent to an outer world colony to work in the mines.  This can lead to bitterness and a desire to lift their status in the community and they frequently end up as ‘rebel’ soldiers who will work for the highest bidder.

Ø  Officers are selected from grunt soldiers – usually after they have completed their Rite of Ascension.  They are then sent to train as a Military Leader.

Artisans – including artists, sculptors, stone masons, musicians, actors.  There is a strong tradition of music and art in both Nor’la and Credos.  It is important to note that although both societies are military based there is still a thriving arts culture

Weaver – although most of the cloth used is manufactured in large factories there is still a strong tradition of hand woven cloth.  This is used by the higher classes within both Nor’la and Credos society


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